A Guide To Goal Setting

“A goal without a plan is simply just a dream”.

For this blog post I will lay out exactly how to use the Goal Setting Template which you can download for free. 🙂


  1. What are your wildest dreams?

Write down exactly what you want most in life. The sky is the limit here. The bigger the ambition, the better!

Remember that you can achieve anything, absolutely anything that you set your mind to. Although it may seem impossible or far too much effort right now, write your dreams down and get to work.

These dreams can be referred to as stretch goals. These stretch goals are ambitious long term goals which you will strive to achieve, and remember  ‘If you aim for the moon and miss, you will still land among the stars’.


  1. What are your medium term goals? 

Think of your life one year from now and ask yourself what would you like to have achieved for your health, career, relationships and passions. (Each are explained below)

  • Health goals are goals related to any part of your health. Your goal might be related to your physical health e.g. ‘I want to fit into my old jeans’. Your health goal could be fitness related e.g ‘I want to run a marathon’. Or a health goal could be something like, ‘I want to have a better relationship with food’.
  • Career goals are self explanatory. You could have a goal to increase your income. You might want to take a leap of faith, set up your own dream business or you may even want to climb the ladder in your current job. Again, if it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, go for it!
  • Relationship goals could be anything from wanting to spend more time with a loved one or make an effort to phone your friend or even just to make new friends. Think about this one carefully. Relationships are important in making you happier and therefore healthier so spend time with people who make who make you the happiest.
  • And last but not least are ‘passions’. Passion goals could be related to something you love to do e.g travel, reading or cooking. These goals are to ensure you spend time participating in activities you thoroughly enjoy but may not have made time for previously.


  1. How are you going to achieve these goals? 

Now that you’ve created your medium term goals its time to break these down into actionable steps. I like to go with 5 actions. When writing these actionable steps make sure they are SMART. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Let’s take the health goal ‘I want to run a marathon’ as an example.

Action 1 – I will participate in the weekly 5km park run for the next two months.

Action 2 – After two months I will run 8km two times per week for two months.

Action 3 – After running 8km two times per week I will register and complete a half marathon.

Action 4 – After completing a half marathon I will run 15k two times per week for two months.

Action 5 – After running 15km two times per week for two months I will register and complete a full marathon.


  1. Keep yourself accountable.

Nobody else wants these goals for you as much as you do.

Place your goal setting template somewhere that you can see. Refer back to it each day and even tick off actions once you have them achieved.

Download the free Goal Setting Template here and make sure to share your action plan updates with the #KismetKommunity. 🙂