Create The Perfect Morning Routine

Your perfect morning routine may not be the same for everyone. So, when creating a morning routine make sure it is one you can stick to and works for you.


Here are 8 ideas that you can use to set yourself up for a fantastic and productive day.


  1. Write:

Write down your first thoughts as you wake up. These thoughts are for your eyes only so don’t be afraid to write whatever it is that comes to your mind. These could be tasks you have to do for the day, dreams you had the night before or even a feeling you may have. This ‘brain dump’ can help you avoid pointless worrying and allow you to power through your day.


  1. Stretch:

For me the benefits of a morning stretch have been endless. I love to use an app called ‘Down Dog’ for 15 minutes each morning. After the session I always feel more energized,  both mentally and physically.


  1. Drink water:

The benefits of water are endless. 1 – 2 glasses of water when you wake up can make you feel hydrated, aid digestion and even improve your skin.


  1. Read:

I love to start off my day with 1 chapter of a book or an article. Reading in the morning can inspire one to think more creatively.


  1. Visualise and write down your dreams:

If there is something you want in life more than anything else, write it down. And write it down every day until you achieve it. By having it on paper it will remind you of what you want and will make you focus on it. (Lucky for you, there are sections in the Health Planner for you to write your dreams!).


  1. Make your bed:

Simple, but making this a part of your routine can instill discipline  and help to set yourself up for a successful day.


  1. Listen to music:

If you are a music lover then what better way to start your day than with music you love. I tend to go for more relaxing music in the mornings as it sets the tone I’d like for the rest of the day.


  1. Plan your day:

And last but not least, plan out your day using ‘The Health Planner’. ‘The Health Planner’ uses all the necessary guiding pages to make your day amazing. Write your daily tasks and your ‘main goal’. Plan your meals for the day and your exercise. This will avoid you having to think about It later and provides you with the perfect opportunity to plan out the perfect day.