Getting The Most Out Of Your Health Planner

  1. Read the introduction pages:


  • The introduction pages will explain how to use your planner in order to meet your goals. It includes healthy eating tips and practices to support you in your health journey.


  1. Set your medium – term goals:


  • The Health Planner will guide you through the goal setting process. First you will document your current health status followed by setting the goals you wish to achieve in the upcoming 12 weeks.


  1. Plan your meals:


  • Using your planner to outline your meals for the week can help you stick to your nutrition targets and avoid picking up unnecessary snacks in your weekly shop. 🙂


  1. Plan your daily tasks, food intake and exercise:


  • Start your day by filling out your planner with your daily intentions. End your day by reflecting on your progress against each intention. These questions are designed to end your day in a happy headspace.


  1. Reflect on your week:


  • Weekly reflection is an under-utilised tool that can not only allow you assess how your week went but can also guide you to be more successful in the subsequent coming weeks.